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General Information about Rally Connex Adventure Tours

Rally Connex is a dedicated team of skilled motorcycle riding enthusiasts, who create GPS guided riding tours throughout Ontario, Canada.

Rally Connex creates every event to provide exciting and scenic routes catered for all classes of riders. From absolute beginners to experienced and confident dirt junkies, the "stock tire route" and the "aggressive route" will offer something for everyone. Each riding event is prefaced by trail clearing from the RC crew, and on the day, each participants GPS is loaded with all the waypoints necessary for the ride. If you don't have a GPS, they are available for rent by RC.


Each route is then tailed by an experienced sweeper - able to help out in any emergency and assist with any problem encountered. Backing the crew up is a full equipped support truck, which will take care of your every need.


Details of each ride will be posted on this website, as well as our Facebook webpage. Come join us for a safe, well organised ride - you are guaranteed to have a great time.



Rally connex team

lee martin
Lee Martin, age 43,  with over 30 years riding experience. [more]
laura penwell
Laura Penwell Member of the Rally Connex team for the past 5 years, Laura has shown... [more]
Kevin Burnett
Kevin Burnett is an experienced rider all sizes of bikes, preferring those that are off-road [more]
kevin wright
Kevin Wright was a late bloomer and began his riding career in 1986 on a Honda XL250R [more]
Harry Rinsma
Harry Rinsma was a new addition to the Rally Connex team in 2014.[more]
Paul Hopkinson
Paul (Hoppy) Hopkinson’s is the newest member of the Rally Connex team.. [more]
Paul Wright
Paul is our second edition to ATV support with Rally Connex. [more]
james simzer
James began riding at an early age in a 150 acre maple forest. [more]
Phil jean
Phil has many years experience on motorcycles off road and on road. [more]
JUan Carlos Atuesta
Juan has been riding Dirtbikes since he was 16 years old. [more]
Tyler Saunders
Tyler is a highly motivated enduro rider.
Andrew grew up in northern Ontario and began riding dirt bikes at the age of 14 on a 1978 XL250.




RC sponsors

Latest articles


MX & OFF ROAD. Story by Lee Martin

For the record, I’m most definitely not a pro level rider, but every once in a while my eyes are bigger than my stomach, if you know what I mean. This all started two years ago while training with Chris Birch (2010 Winner of Red Bull Romaniacs). I asked Chris, do you think I’m ready for Romaniacs? And in classic Chris Birch Form he replied, “Ya Sure Bro”.  That was motivation enough to get myself pumped up and prepared for the challenge ahead.  I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to do this alone, so I had to find some teammates.  I chose to go with James Simzer and Juan Atuesta, fellow Rally Connex Riders. Unfortunately James had to bail due to personal issues and was replaced with Mike Bruggemann. I didn’t know much about him but was told by friends that he was a decent rider.

To read the rest of this story pick up a copy of MX & OFF ROAD


Dacre dual sport challenge

Traction eRag Story CLICK HERE PAGE 20

Dacre dual sport challenge

Traction eRag Story (FOLLOW UP)


[ 21 SEPT, 2012 ]

At Rally Connex, there are ladies dedicated to making your event a memorable one.  Unlike the bike shows, and other motorcycle events, these ladies do not sport bikinis and sprawl across the bikes in provocative poses. At Rally Connex these ladies have a much more constructive role in making your event an enjoyable one.  Not only are they your own personal cheering section, they run all of the logistics for the events from arranging venues and services, registration, sign in, refreshments, supplies, rider information, and rentals.

On top of that, you probably would not have heard of the event without their work on the website, flyers, bike shows and posters.

Once you are at the event they will even help you get your bike fixed and out on the trail again if unfortunate circumstances should occur.  If fixing the bike is not an option they will rescue you and your bike and either return to the start of continue along the support route.

And... The hugs are a bonus.

The event would not run without them.

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