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Lynda Burnett

Lynda Burnett was introduced to the sport of motorcycling when she met her husband Kevin in 1986.  Since then she has ridden 2-up with the love of her life and travelled to many exciting destinations from Quebec to BC.  She was introduced to Rally Connex as a passenger and rode with Kevin in every Rally Connex event with Kevin until deciding to purchase the company with Kevin in 2006.

Since then she has been the administrator for the event and the support truck crew for the clients at the events.  She forms the foundation for the events and handles all of the logistics behind them.

While it is her desire to attain her motorcycle license and relieve Kevin of his spousal cargo, her focus remains her two boys Gregory 13 and Benjamin 9 (both recreational riders).  She received her first black belt in karate in 2010 so this lady is not to be taken for granted.  She is devoted to her family and her business and will bend over backwards to make your Rally Connex experience an enjoyable one.