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Handlebar Risers

Handlebar Risers

The average motorcycle is designed for riders of average height.  If you are 5 foot 8 inches tall or more, your motorcycle is not proportioned for you.  Designed to correct the ergonomic short comings of your motorcycle, these handlebar risers will raise your handlebars vertically to allow you to attain the posture needed for maximum control.  Unlike other "risers" which simply extend the bar mounts toward you, these will extend up and forward, giving a true vertical lift. 

Try this little test.  Go to your motorcycle, put it up on the center stand, bike-lift, or have someone steady it.  Sit on the bike and grab the handlebars.  Now stand, while still holding onto the bars.  Take note of your current posture.  Is your back arched, or bent down considerably?  Is your neck at an extreme angle in order to look straight ahead of you?  Now release your grip on the handgrips, place your hands in fists above the grips and rest them back down.  Now observe the posture in your back, elbows, shoulders, and neck.  This is more natural isn't it?  Now sit back down, with your fists still on top of the grips.  The position while seated is also improved. Handlebar risers will allow you to achieve a natural position while standing or sitting.

Rally Risers for your KTM (all models)

Rally Risers are made of 6061-T6 Aluminum alloy with a clear anodized finish.  Computer aided design and CNC machining are used to ensure accuracy and lasting durability.  Bolting hardware is minimum grade 8.8.

Rally risers are designed to be mounted between your stock bar mount and triple clamp, using the existing hardware.  The upper capscrews for re-mounting your bars are also provided.  Full detailed instructions will lead you through the installation process.  In most cases, it will take about 15 minutes to install.  The design also allows you to use the stock control cables.  Fitment for all XC, EXC, LC4 640 and LC8 950 KTMs are applicable. 

Mounted to a 2014 KTM Adventure 1190 & a 2013 KTM EXC 350


Mounted to a 2006 KTM 640 Adventure ___________Mounted to a 2005 KTM 950 Adventure


We had a limited number of these made up and are currently selling them on-line for $90 Canadian + shipping.  Mounting hardware and detailed instructions are included.

Over 200 sold so far!

Send inquires to , or see us at our events.


Rally Risers for (all other models)


We now have risers for Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda, and Yamaha.  Plus there may be other applications.

If your bike is equipped with standard 7/8" diameter bars, we can adapt and reposition the mounting position to suit your riding style and ergonomic needs.  We also have adaptors that will allow you to raise your bar position and allow you to switch to 1-1/8" fat bars.

First you have to determine what bolting arrangement is currently used on your bike.  Please confirm these dimensions before ordering.  Measure the bolting distance used for each of the handlebar pinch bolts.  The distance from the upper pinch bolt to the lower pinch bolt will be either 32mm, 33mm, or 35mm.

There are many choices as follows:


1" extensions of the current mount



1.5" extensions of the current mount



1.5" rise and offset forward (giving a true vertical repositioning)



1.5" rise and forward offset, plus conversion to 1-1/8" bars




Be very specific when ordering.  Use the style number in your inquires.


Style 1 - 1" extension, universal fit - $55

Style 2 - 1.5" extension, universal fit - $60

Style 3 - 1.5" rise + forward offset, 7/8" bars, 32 & 33mm spacing (Honda, Yamaha) - $80

Style 4 - 1.5" rise + forward offset, 7/8" bars, 35mm spacing (Suzuki, Kawasaki) - $80

Style 5 - 1.5" rise + forward offset, convert to 1-1/8" bars, 32 & 33mm spacing - $105

Style 6 - 1.5" rise + forward offset, convert to 1-1/8" bars, 35mm spacing - $105


Shipping fees additional.  All Stainless Steel hardware and instructions included.


Send inquires to , or see us at our events.