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Paul Bolton Enduro & Trials Classes


Rally Connex is pleased to announce our NEW Enduro & Trials classes with Hard Enduro superstar Paul Bolton. Classes will consist of 12 riders working one on one with Paul Bolton, covering a wide array of off-road motorcycle riding techniques. This is an opportunity of a life time! Learn to ride from an international Pro. For more info on Paul Bolton please see his bio below!

There are five dates and two locations to choose from. 2 enduro classes will be held east of Toronto Ontario in Tyrone (Just North of Bowmanville) The other three classes for extreme enduro & trials will be held north of Toronto in Gooderham. The Class on the 28th of Aug is for Trials Bikes only. Level 1 and Level 2 enduro Classes available. All class lengths will be approximately 6.5 hours from morning to afternoon. Once registered, location address will be released to you along with class times. Blue or green plated bikes are welcome. All levels of riders welcome. Lunch and refreshments will be provided. Limited spaces available, register today!


Level 1 Enduro Classes
We split the groups into 'Beginner/Intermediate' and 'Intermediate/Advanced'. Don't worry - you won't miss out on any content of the course, we just try and group similar skill level riders together to get the best flow for the day and to keep things safe. If you prefer to take things easy and speed is not your main focus, then the level 1 day would be best for you. If you want to get on the throttle more and focus on building speed and honing your extreme enduro skills go for Level 2 Extreme Enduro classes.


Level 2 Extreme Enduro
This course is developed for riders after completing the Level 1 Enduro Class. It's a follow up course that you can do once you've done the Level 1 course and had time to practice some of the techniques. This course looks at more technical / harder skills you can learn. These courses are classed as 'Advanced'


Trials coaching clinic

Learn advanced Trials Technquies for intemediate and Pro level trials tiding.









World Extreme Enduro & World Superenduro athlete

From the age of about six, I have been passionate about bikes. After spending many years riding trials bikes, I sought greater speed and began competing in local and national enduros. In 2006 I went to a friend’s place and watched Erzberg on DVD. I had never seen anything like it before! It looked like a crazy race and it was the year that Travis Pastrana competed. Me and my pals decided that we were going to have a road trip the year after - first to Austria for Erzberg and onto Red Bull Romaniacs, just for the laugh!

I decided to try out my first extreme enduro in Italy at Hell’s Gate, with my mum and dad as my pit crew. Despite mechanical problems during the race, I reached 11th place on my Gas Gas 300 2 stroke. On my return home a local Honda dealer wanted to help me out, so I arrived at Erzberg on a stock Castrol Honda CR250 motocross bike. A fire breathing monster! After making a name for myself table sliding 13 tables in the legendary Erzberg beer tent, I came 7th, much to my surprise (and everyone else's considering the bike I was on and the beer I had consumed!) Arriving at Red Bull Romaniacs with my Hobby class entry, they refused to let me ride with my pals. Due to my result at Erzberg, they pushed me into the Pro class. I came 2nd in the prologue to Cyril Depres. Things were looking good. However the pro class entry was a big mistake, as I had no gps skills at all. (I had hoped to learn them in the hobby class.) Unfortunately I crashed out with broken ribs.

Having had a taste of extreme enduro and doing so well, it gave me the drive to work towards greater extreme enduro challenges. I have since celebrated many podium successes in the UK and around the world. I'am proud to be achieving world-class results year on year, amongst a highly competitive field of full-time riders. I have pushed hard since 2007 and have reached the podium at many world events, consistently ranking in the top 5. I was ranked 2nd place in Europe and 5th in the world for Extreme Enduro in the 2014 season. As a HGV mechanic/driver, I work for a family business, which affords me the luxury of some time for training and the flexibility to compete around the world. I am known as ‘the world’s fastest privateer!’

In addition to this, I have worked on a number of TV and social media projects. I also deliver training schools in trials and enduro around the world. I deliver training schools in the UK and worldwide. See for more information.

In addition to racing in the pro class in the Red Bull Hard Enduro world series, I will be undertaking media roles at each race. This will include being interviewed about my racing, interviewing other riders and POV head-cam commentary.

Paul tailors his training classes to suit the needs and skill levels of his class.

Race career highlights to date

2016 – 1st Erzberg Prologue Day 1, Austria
2016 – 3rd Red Bull Minas Riders, Brazil
2016 – 3rd The Tough One, UK
2016 – 3rd British Xtreme Enduro Rd 2, UK
2015 – 1st Ukupacha, Ecuador
2015 – 2nd Extreme European Rd, UK
2014 – 1st Red Bull Romaniacs
Off-road Day 4, Romania
2014 – 1st Red Bull Romaniacs Prologue, Romania
2014 – 1st EnduroX Cup, Germany

2014 – 2nd Ukupacha, Ecuador
2013 – 1st E1 class British Enduro Championship
 Day 1, Scotland
2012 – 2nd Piatra Neamt Hard Enduro, Romania

2012 – 2nd Red Bull City Scramble, Auckland NZ

2012 – 3rd Red Bull Sea2sky, Turkey

2008 – 3rd Erzberg, Austria

2008 – 3rd Hell’s Gate, Italy

2009 – 1st Red Bull Romaniacs, Romania
Day 2, Romania
2008 – 1st Red Bull Romaniacs Prologue, Romania
2007 – 1st Red Bull Romaniacs Prologue, Romania



Race schedule for 2017

The full Red Bull Hard Enduro World race series for 2017 is yet to be announced, however it is likely to comprise of:
• Red Bull Minas Riders, Brazil – 17th-21st May
• Red Bull Hare Scramble Erzberg, Austria – 15th-18th June
• Red Bull Romaniacs, Romania – 25th-29th July
• Red Bull Megawatt 111, Poland – Sept TBC
• Red Bull Sea to Sky, Turkey – Sept/Oct TBC
• Roof of Africa, Lesotho –Nov/Dec TBC

The UK races that I will be competing in this year are:
The ACU British Extreme Enduro Championship Series/Eddy’s Extreme:
• Tong – 15th Jan
• Cowm Quarry – 5th Feb
• Heads of the Valley – 26th Feb
• Extreme Ravines – 23rd April
• H2O – 19th Aug

For more information about PAUL BOLTON please visit his Redbull Profile site at:









East Toronto, Tyrone.

Dates: TBA




North Toronto,

Dates: TBA




North Toronto, Gooderham

Dates: TBA



- 1st installment of these classes
- Over 20 different exercises
- Get to hang with Paul
- Learn to ride like a Pro!