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NEW FOR 2024 SNOW DOWN IS NOW A 3-DAY EVENT AND FREE! The ultimate Snowbike event. Sponsored by Klim, Yeti Snow MX, Tourism Sault Ste. Marie, C3 Power Sports, PST Engine Jackets, Lang's Off Road & Northland Trailer Sales.

The Snow Down is the official Snowbike Ontario gathering! It is a 3-day Snowbike Social event for riders of all levels. This is the Powder Hound Boondocking experience you have been waiting for! Challenge yourself and your fellow riders by finding all the GPS waypoint challenges placed in multiple areas throughout the 3 days of riding. Win prizes from our sponsors. Evenings out at multiple restaurants and bars, and much more!

Hosted in the beautiful City of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Canada. The event leaves and returns to the City where accommodations & restaurants are available. Each day takes you with your Snowbike to multiple locations in the Sault Ste. Marie area. Deep snow with various conditions will surely please even the best "Boondockers" around. The snowfall in the area rivals the type of depth that we see in the mountains of western Canada.

Never-ending terrain that you couldn't track out even if you were riding for over a week straight. Rally Connex has been riding and scouting this area for over 10 years and we continue to find new and exciting places to Snowbike up in this area. So let us take you on your ultimate winter adventure.

Ever wonder if there is a deep powder Snowbike haven in Ontario Canada? Well there is, and we got it! Snowbike riding in the outskirts of the Soo is rich with deep snow, hill climbs, rock ledge jumps and snow drifts the size of small cliffs.

With over 3000 plus acres of land permitted for Snowbiking. You are sure to find the perfect conditions for non-stop action! The event will lead you into epic boondocking locations that will have you ripping up fresh powder lines all day long. For more details on your Snow Down experience read below.



There are 3 locations we have prepared for you to ride at. You can freely pick and choose to ride at any of these locations on any day of the event.

All 3 days, you will transit your bike to remote locations 60 to 90 minutes away from the City. Unload your Snowbike at our prescribed parking locations. Navigate with a GPS using tracks and waypoints to reach multiple areas in various types of terrain.

Some waypoints will be easy to ride too and some will be hard. They are clearly lablled on your GPS so you don't get mixed up in an area that's out of your comfort zone.

When you arrive within 15 meters of our waypoint, a proximity alarm will chime on your GPS to let you know you have made it. Then hit the clear button and move on to the next desired waypoint. The GPS Track Log provided will assist you with the safest direction to take while navigating to each waypoint. A paper map with an overall layout of the day will be givin to you as well.

The riding time per day lasts roughly 5 to 6 hours. At the end of each day, we will gather at a pre-determined restaurant / Bar by Rally Connex to share stories, recap on snow conditions and event updates. There will be a "whatsapp" group chat that you can join to keep updated and in touch with everyone at the event including the Rally Connex Crew.




You can register either on the Thursday night or Friday Night social gatherings. We would prefer you register on the Thursday night but we also understand that it might be easier for you to show up on the Friday evening instead!

Rally Connex will collect your GPS and load the event files for the next 3 days. You will be notified of the riding conditions, the 3 riding locations and help answer any questions you may have. If you can't make it to either the Thursday or Friday Night registrations, you will be emailed the GPS file to load on your own and a printable PDF map. Registration location and times will be emailed to you closer to the event.

Riding Days 1, 2 & 3
Each morning you can choose one of the 3 riding locations provided. It's totally up to you, however....

Rally Connex will be announcing each night where our team will be riding the following day. We highly recommend riding in the same area as us each day. That way we can be of assistance and help guide people more efficiently.

Every day the ride officially starts at 10am till 4:30pm but you can use your own schedule if you wish.

Sunday night afterparty and giveaways.
The Sunday Night After Party will have food for purchase and prizes from our sponsors to give away. Details below. Party times will be emailed to you before the event starts.

You are not permitted to ride on your own. You can pair up with anyone else riding the event or get in a group with other riders.
You must communicate with Rally Connex what area you are riding in each day before you leave on your Snowbike. Then let us know when your done for the day. This is for your own safety. NO EXCEPTIONS.
There are some safety items we highly recommend. See the safety item listing below.


It is highly recommended that you carry the following items with you at all times during your ride

- Always ride with a buddy.
- Cellular phone
- GPS Beacon with SOS and messaging. (We recommend Garmin In Reach)
- 2 Way Radio / Walkie Talkies. That have a minimum distance of 4km and 16 channel FRS GMRS.
- Event headquarters channel will be 4.26
- Participant channels should be 5 or 6
- Emergency channel is 7
( We recommend using BCA Radio's)
- Coloured Smoke flair
- The means of starting a Fire
- Foil Weather blanket
- Small folding saw to cut wood
- Compass






Rally Connex and our team of riders are always ready for the unknown. We are equipped with GPS Rescue communicators and First Aid Kits. If anything happens we are ready to assist and get you to safety as quickly as possible. Always riding with a buddy system will also be in full effect. Rescue Snowmobiles with toboggans are always on hand for both person and Snowbike rescue needs. These services will only be available if you choose to ride the same locations each day with Rally Connex. Some rescue services may have charges involved. Details will be available at the event.

Rally Connex uses Garmin GPS's to navigate our way around. If you do not own a GPS you can rent one from Rally Connex during your registration process. To See a list of accepted GPS'S please go to our GPS Info Page. There will be over 20 Challenge waypoint locations to choose from. Activate the challenge waypoints in any order you wish. You have the freedom to go where you please to reach the waypoints. Some will be accessible by existing trails and some will be 100% Boondocking. Once you reach your desired waypoint challenge you can then activate the next desired way point to continue tearing up some pow! The GPS Track Log provided will assist you on the safest direction to take while navigating to each waypoint. A paper map with provided as well to assist you on a overall layout of the area.

Snow Down Event T-Shirts are available for purchase durring the online registration process. Cut off purcchase date is March 1st 2024.

Custom Made "The Boonies" T Shirts can be ordered in any colour at your request. Just email us at to request your order.


Times out riding will greatly depend on weather conditions. The event area can get very cold at times and have vicious winter storms. This normally has never stopped us from heading out so please don't be that one person that wasn't prepared for the winter conditions. On a side note, if the weather has shut down the highway we use to get to the riding location, it is solely on you to decide what is safe and the legal thing to do.

The Snow Down event has special room pricing and a block of rooms set aside for our guests. Be sure to mention when you call to book your room that you are with the "SNOW DOWN" to receive your discounted rate. For convenience (But not mandatory) we recommend booking your accommodations at The Water Tower Inn

The cut-off date for booking these rooms will be February 2 2024, at which point any remaining unreserved rooms in our held block will be released and sold to the public. Don't wait, book your room today! After the block is gone, we cant gaurantee a room for you to stay in!

Your Sunday night after-party is at The Water Tower Pub in Sault Ste. Marie. Also conveniently located in the Water Tower Inn. This is always a fun party after a weekend of riding and friendly antics. Prizes will be handed out through the night while we reminisce over photos of the event and stories of our adventures. Please drink responsibly!

The event is based out of Sault Ste. Marie. For convenience (But not mandatory) we recommend booking your accommodations at the Water Tower Inn 1-888-461-7077
More details and times will be emailed to you closer to the event.


Event entry is FREE!
Although there will be a small charge from our registration system platform company that will be a very small amount $3.95. Everyone will be reimbursed this amount in cash when you arrive at the event.


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Other Info

- 10th Year returning by popular demand.
- Limited spots available. Register Today
- Only winter Rally Connex event in the year! So don't miss out!
- The event is Free!
- Sign up today before it fills up!